best. flashmob. ever.

I am legit in tears.

oh wow


That was beautiful holy crap.

oh my god i actually started crying omg


Look how beautiful humanity is, look how beautiful and powerful we are, how beautiful we decided to be. What we can do, how we can connect, how we can touch each others soul. I’m so proud of what I am right now.

Faith in humanity restored. -u-
These need to happen more often.  

Legit crying! I love how they chose a such a simple and powerful song. I still sing the notes I learned on violin in my head whenever I hear it :)

I’m crying, and I don’t even fully understand why.

probably the same reason **i** am crying:

it’s one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written.  performed in the open, for free, by skilled people who sort of get it. and want to share it.


hard not to cry when a group of people offers that for no other reason than because they can.

I am legit crying.

This is beautiful.  Also, friends, let’s do something like this at some point.  Please?  I just really want to be part of a flashmob someday.

wow this is amazing! it gave me chills

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